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EX210: Red Hat OpenStack Training (CL110 & CL210)

KR Network Cloud’s OpenStack Certification preparation gives a nitty gritty comprehension about the OpenStack condition, working methodology..

Mr. Krishna Jeevan Upadhyay

Overview Of Openstack Cloud Training

Best Openstack Cloud Training in Laxmi Nagar, Delhi | Openstack Training in Delhi | KR Network Cloud

KR Network Cloud’s OpenStack Certification preparation gives a nitty gritty comprehension about the OpenStack condition, working methodology and it’s necessary administrations, for example, Nova, Cinder, Glance, Neutron, Horizon, Heat, Ceilometer, and Trove. You will see how to Install OpenStack and later on the best way to investigate. Through a Use Case you will see how the significant administrations of OpenStack can be placed into utilization while making a private cloud for your association. At last, you will perform break and fix tasks to the OpenStack condition.


Openstack Cloud Training Course Objective

Course destinations

OpenStack preparing is intended to assist you with turning into an OpenStack Expert. During this course, our master teachers will support you:

  • Comprehend OpenStack
  • Investigate OpenStack engineering with both CLI and API functionalities
  • Apply different usage methods
  • Perform OpenStack tasks
  • Execute appropriate use-cases for OpenStack
  • Execute and use Nova, Neutron, Image and other OpenStack administrations
  • Work on an intuitive venture around actualizing OpenStack

Course Content

Unit-1 Google Cloud - Introduction to GCP
  • GCP – Signup process
  • Demo – GCP- Webconsole (Projects, billing)
  • Demo – Cloud SDK
Unit-2 Google Cloud IAM - (Identity & Access Management)
  • Google Cloud IAM – (Identity & Access Management)
  • Demo – Add IAM Member
  • Demo- Custom Role
  • Demo – IAM Hierarchy
Unit-3 Google Cloud - Virtual Machine
  • Google Cloud – Virtual Machine
  • Demo – VM (Preemptible, gcloud, Commited Discount etc,.)
  • GCP – VM Image & Snapshot
  • Demo – VM (Image, Snapshot & Cloning)
Unit-4 Networking (VPC)
  • Networking (VPC)
  • VPC – Introduction
  • Demo – Create VPC
  • Demo-Multiple NICs on VM
  • VPC Peering
  • Demo – VPC Peering
Unit-5 CDN ( Content & Delivery Network )
  • CDN – Content & Delivery Network
  • CDN – Flushing the Cache & Restrictions
  • CDN – How to avoid excessive billing
  • DEMO – Enabling CDN
  • Demo -Invalidating the cache in CDN
Unit-6 Google Cloud Storage - Cloud SQL
  • Google Cloud Storage – Cloud SQL
  • Cloud SQL Introduction
  • Cloud SQL – High Availability Introduction
  • DEMO – Cloud SQL – Create and Connect (Check that DB Flag!)
  • DEMO – Cloud SQL – High Availability
Unit-7 Cloud Storage – Datastore
  • Cloud Storage Datastore
  • How Datastore Scales using Bigtable
  • Consistency in Cloud Datastore
  • Demo – Cloud Datastore
  • Demo – Entity Group in Datastore
Unit-8 Cloud Storage – Spanner
  • Cloud Storage – Spanner
  • Spanner Data Types & Models
  • Demo –Spanner
  • Demo – Connect to Spanner from Compute Engine (IAM + PHP)
Unit-9 Google Cloud Storage - Storage
  • Google Cloud Storage – Storage
  • Storage – Buckets and Objects
  • Demo – Copy using gsutil & store that Gorilla picture!

Why Learn Openstack Cloud Training?

Who ought to go for this course?

The course is intended for each one of those experts who need to learn Cloud registering and OpenStack. This OpenStack preparing will be ideal for:

  • Frameworks Administrators
  • Specialized and IT Professionals
  • Capacity Administrators
  • System Engineers

What are the essentials for this course?

The requirements for this course remember information for virtualization, Linux organization, utilization of SSH\SCP alongside a fundamental comprehension of essential Command Line Interface.

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