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Certified Kubernetes Application Developer (CKAD)

Kubernetes is one of the world’s most well known holder organization devices. Set up by the Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF)


Certified Kubernetes Application Developer (CKAD)

Certified Kubernetes Application Developer | CKAD training | KR Network Cloud

One of the most well-known holder organization tools in the world is Kubernetes. The Kubernetes Application Developer accreditation was established by the Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) to approve the skills needed for application designers who work with Kubernetes.

The goal of this learning approach is to help you prepare for the Certified Kubernetes Application Developer (CKAD) exam. It includes a variety of courses covering every exam domain, a series of hands-on labs to develop direct experience with Kubernetes operating directly in a live cloud environment, and assessments to gauge your level of understanding along the way.


Certified Kubernetes Application Developer (CKAD) Course Objective

A thorough understanding of holders in particular—and Docker in particular—will be valuable. You are strongly encouraged to complete the Docker in Depth Learning Path if you’re not satisfied with Docker.

Kubernetes running on Linux computers is used in this learning method. It is best if you are willing to work with Linux shells.

Virtual machines running outside in the open air are used in the learning way’s labs. While not required, related expertise of operating virtual machines in cloud environments is helpful.

Course Content

Unit-1 Introduction Kubernetes
  • Introduction to Kubernetes
  • Kubernetes Cluster Architecture
  • Core Concept of Kubernetes Service
  • ETCD & Controller & API & Scheduler
  • Exploring your Cluster
  • Understanding YAML
Unit-2 Installation
  • Installation minikube
  • Installation using kubeadm ulitity in HA mode
  • Install Kubernetes the hard way
  • How to use kops and create
  • Kubernetes Cluster
Unit-3 Application Deployment
  • Creating a Deployment in Kubernetes in YAML
  • Creating a Service in Kubernetes
  • Understanding about POD and Replication & Deployment Configuration
  • Using Rolling Updates in Kubernetes
  • Configure Environment variable in application
  • Configure Secret Resource for sensitive value
  • Creating Config Map
  • Scale Applications
  • Multicontainer PODs
  • Init Containers
  • Self Healing Application
Unit-4 Storage Management
  • Creating Persistent Volume
  • Persistent Volume claim
  • Volume Claim policy understanding
  • Attach Storage on Deployment
Unit-5 POD Scheduling
  • Manual Scheduling
  • Labels and Selectors
  • Taint and Tolerations
  • Node Selectors
  • Node Affinity
  • Daemons Sets
  • Static Pods
  • Multiple Schedulers
  • Configuring Kubernetes Scheduler
Unit-6 Resource Allocation
  • Restrict Limit Memory &CPU use
  • Creating Resource Quota
  • Creating Limit Quota
Unit-7 Networking
  • Network Nmaespace Understanding
  • Docker Network
  • Deploy Kubernetes Network
  • Cluster Networking
  • POD Networking
  • Creating Service Network
  • DNS concept in Kubernetes
  • Ingress System Kubernetes
Unit-8 Monitoring Kubernetes
  • Logging and Monitoring
  • Monitoring Cluster and Components
  • Managing Application Log
Unit-9 Security
  • Authentication
  • TLS Introduction
  • Certificate System Kubernetes
  • Creating Cetificate
  • Role base access control
  • Cluster Role and Role Binding
  • SCC:Security Constant Conta and Network Policy
  • Image Security

Why Learn Certified Kubernetes Application Developer (CKAD)?

Learning Objectives

The Learning Path will set you up to comprehend and show your insight in every one of the overall areas of the CKAD test:

Center Concepts

  • Setup
  • Multi-Container Pods
  • Recognizability
  • Case Design
  • Administrations and Networking
  • State Persistence
  • Target group

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