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Star Cyber Secure User (SCSU)

Our Star Cyber Secure User (SCSU) training can help you start a career in cybersecurity. Develop your knowledge of cybersecurity principles, secure user behavior, and threat detection.

Mr. Krishna Jeevan Upadhyay


The threat of cybercrime to both individuals and businesses is rising fast.

Star Cyber Secure User is a global awareness certification program curated to create, enhance, and sustain awareness about the rising threats in the information or cyber world. The purpose of the SCSU certification is to orient the learner to the correct use of the cyber world, explain data security and associated threats, and suggest relevant solutions to combat the same.

The program helps learners acquire a fundamental understanding of various computer and network security threats such as malware, viruses and backdoors, identity theft, phishing scams, hacking attacks, credit card fraud, and social engineering, and protect their information assets in the constantly changing security landscape.



Course Objectives

In this course, you will learn about:

  • How to secure yourself and your organisation from cyber attacks
  • How to spot vulnerabilities
  • How to secure data and operating systems
  • Best practices for Internet security
  • How to secure your mobile devices from attacks
  • How to secure your communication over network connections

Course Outcome

After completing this course, you will be able to:

  • Secure yourself from cyberattacks
  • Secure your PC from cyberattacks
  • Identify the threats and attacks and prepare yourself for unforeseen incidents

Course Content

Table Of Contents
  1. Introduction to Cyber Secure User
  2. Describing Data Security and Its Need
  3. Securing Windows, Linux and MAC Operating systems
  4. Exploring Browser and Internet Safety
  5. Exploring Email and how to secure from email threats
  6. Social Networking: Associated Risk and Solutions
  7. Safeguarding the Mobile Devices
  8. Cloud and Its Associated Threats
  9. Communicating securely over network connections
  10. Threats and Solutions
  11. Preparing for Unforeseen Threats

Why Learn Star Cyber Secure User (SCSU)?

  1. Enhanced Cybersecurity Skills: Acquire a comprehensive knowledge of cybersecurity principles, strengthening your ability to protect systems and data.
  2. Thwarting Cyber Threats: Learn to identify, analyze, and counteract various cyber threats, including malware, phishing, and other malicious activities.
  3. User Security Awareness: Develop strategies to educate and empower users on cybersecurity best practices, reducing the risk of human-related security vulnerabilities.
  4. Incident Response: Gain proficiency in responding to cybersecurity incidents promptly and effectively, minimizing potential damages.
  5. Secure User Behavior Analytics: Understand and implement user behavior analytics to detect anomalies and potential security breaches.
  6. Certification Advantage: Achieve the Star Cyber Secure User (SCSU) certification, validating your expertise and boosting your credentials in the cybersecurity domain.

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