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Python Programming

Discover the advantages of our specialist Python programming classes and start your road toward a transforming education. Gain the knowledge and abilities required to design, construct, and manage powerful Python programs.


Overview Of Python Programming

Are you considering taking a course in programming or scripting language? If so, you may improve your skills and make the greatest investment in the long run because there are many different kinds of programming language courses accessible today, and it is a growing platform for all students. Delhi’s Best IT Training Center is KR Network Cloud.

Python is a programming language that is easy to learn and is expanding the fastest. There will be many opportunities in Python in the upcoming years. It can be applied to machine learning, the Internet of Things, console apps, desktop apps, and online apps. Python is used to create several well-known programs, including Quora, Instagram, Dropbox, Google, and Youtube.

Python has an extremely easy-to-understand syntax. It may also be the language you learned to program in. Python is case-sensitive. This language is dynamically typed and object-oriented. It employs variables devoid of declarations.

Python’s scope is quite vast. If you possess the necessary Python knowledge and abilities, you will succeed in programming with ease. KR Network Cloud will assist you in finding your precise path. Since it is the most widely used scripting language, a plethora of chances arise. KR Network Cloud in Delhi: Our tutor will assist you in gaining a thorough understanding of Python and educate you on how to work with various programming languages.


  • To understand the concepts and constructs of Python
  • To create your own Python programs, know the machine learning algorithms in Python, and work on a real-time project running on Python

Course Content

Module 1:- Python - An Introduction
  • Overview
  • History of Python
  • Versions of Python
  • Feature of Python
  • A Comparison of Python with Other Famous Languages
  • Execution of Programs
  • Python Comment
Module 2:- Introduction to Script
  • What is a Script program?
  • Types of Scripts
  • Difference between Script and Programming Languages
  • Features and Limitations of Scripting
  • Types of Programming Language Paradigms
Module 3:- Python Variables & Data Types
  1. What are variables
  2. Assign Variables
  3. Data Types:
  • Numeric Data Types: int, float, complex
  • Boolean Data Types
  • Text Sequence Type: str
  • Compound Data Types: list, tuple, range, set, dict
Module 4:- Operators
  1. Types of Operators
  • Arithmetic Operators
  • Relational Operators
  • Assignment Operators
  • Logical / Boolean Operators
  • Identity Operators
  • Membership Operators
  • Bitwise Operators
Module 5:- Python Conditional Statements
  • The If Statements
  • The if-else Statements
  • The elseif Statements
  • The Nested If – else Statements
Module 6:- Python Looping Concept
  • For Loop
  • While Loop
  • Do-While Loop
Module 7:- Python Control Statements
  • The Break Statements
  • The Continue Statements
  • The Pass Statements
  • Else Clause on loops
Module 8:- Input and Output
  • Fancier Output Formatting
  • Formatted String Literal
  • The String format() Method
  • Manual String Formatting
Module 9:- Python Data Type Casting
Module 10:- Python Number
  • Mathematical Function
  • Random Function
  • Trigonometric Function
Module 11:- Python String
  • Accessing Strings
  • Basic Operations
  • String slices
  • String Built-In Function
Module 12:- Python List
  • Introduction
  • Accessing list
  • Operations
  • Working with lists
  • List Slices
  • Aliasing
  • Cloning
  • List Comprehension
  • Deleting List
  • Built-in Function
Module 13:- Python Tuple
  • Introduction
  • Creating Tuple
  • Accessing Tuple
  • Built-in Function
Module 14:- Python Dictionary
  • Introduction
  • Creating Dictionary
  • Accessing Dictionary
  • Deleting Dictionary
  • Built-In Function
Module 15:- Python Array
  • Importing an Arrays
  • Declaring an array
  • Operation on Arrays
  • Built-In Function
Module 16:- Python Date & Time
  • How to Use Date & Date
  • Time Class
  • How to Format Time Output
  • How to use Timedelta Objects
  • Calendar in Python
  • Datetime classes in Python
  • How to Format Time Output?
  • The Time Module
Module:- 17 Python Function
  • Defining a Function
  • Calling a Function
  • Function Arguments
  • Required Argument
  • Keyword Argument
  • Default Argument Values
  • Arbitrary Argument
  • Documentation String
  • Lambda Expression
  • Global And Local Variables
Module 16:- File Handling (Input / Output)
  • Introduction
  • working with text file
  • working with binary data
  • working CSV and Excel file
  • pickling and unpickling
  • zipping and unzipping
  • working with Directories
Module 18:- Module
  • Introduction
  • The Import Statement
  • The From…Import Statement
  • The From…Import* Statement Packages
  • Importing * from a package Intra-package References
  • The dir( ) Function
Module 19:- Exception Handling
  • Error in Python Program
    • Syntax error
    • Exception
  • Types of Exception
  • Handling Exception in Python
  • Raising Exception
  • User Defined Exception
Module 20:- OOPs Concepts
    • Class and Object
    1. class, object, ref. Variable, Self
    • Types of Variables & Types of Methods
    • Inheritance
    1. Types of Inheritance
    2. orm() method
    • Polymorphism
    1. Overloading
    2. Overriding
    • Private Variable
    • Interface & Abstraction
Module 21:- Multithreading
  • Thread
  • Starting a thread
  • Threading module
  • Synchronizing threads
  • Multithreaded Priority Queue
  • Inter thread communication
Module 22:- Python Mail Sending Program
  • Introducing
  • Execute mail program
  • include file in mail
Module 23:- Regular Expression
  • Use of regx
  • RE module
  • Functions of re module
  • character classes
  • predefine character classes
  • quantifiers
Module 24:- Regular Expression
  • Introduction
  • Connections
  • Connection with MySQL and oracle
  • Executing queries
  • CRUD operation
  • working with dates
Module 25:- Gui (Graphical User Interface)
  • Introduction
  • Tkinter programming
  • Tkinter widgets
Module 26:- Execute Linux Commands In Python
  • Socket in Python
  • TCP/IP Client & Server
  • Creating a Client / Server Program
  • chat server program
  • How to send file from server to client
  • One server multiple client
Other Major Modules

Module 27:- Garbage Collection
Module 28:- Managing Packages With PIP
Module 29:- Logging And Debugging
Module 30:- Automate Daily Stuff For Linux Admin, For Aws And Devops

Career Scopes in Python training in Delhi

Python has a broad breadth. You can succeed in programming more easily if you have the right Python knowledge and abilities. KR Network Cloud can help you on your precise path. The fact that it is the most widely used scripting language creates a wealth of opportunity. Delhi’s KR Network Cloud has a trainer who can assist you in gaining an in-depth understanding of Python and educate you on how to deal with a variety of programming languages.

There are many fields in Python as mentioned Below:

  • Machine Learning
  • Automation
  • Data Science
  • Artificial intelligence
  • Software Development
  • Web Development
  • IoT ( Internet Of Things )

Who is eligible for this course?

Everyone can enroll in this Python course because Python is a relatively straightforward language with simple code readability, but you should have a rudimentary understanding of computers and software. Everyone is welcome to enroll in the Python Training Center in Delhi, including first-years, college students, and students studying technology.

Job Opportunities in Python

In the IT industry, Python is the programming language with the fastest rate of growth. Python is currently the most in-demand language globally. If you will be Learning Python the door for jobs will be automatically open.

All of the top multinational corporations are looking for skilled professionals with high packages KR Network Cloud will provide you with the right help for the job. and To earn more money, you can take on freelancing work.

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KR Network Cloud Trainer for Python Training in Delhi

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