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EX280: Red Hat OpenShift Administration

Set up, monitor, and resolve issues with containerized apps and OpenShift clusters.

Mr. Krishna Jeevan Upadhyay

Overview Of Red Hat OpenShift | DO280 Training

Red Hat OpenShift Administration II: Configuring a Production Cluster


Red Hat OpenShift Administration | DO280 Training

The detailed deployment of applications using Helm, manifests, templates, and Customize is covered in this course. Subjects covered include resource manifest utilization, user authorization, network security, enabling developer self-service, and managing updates for OpenShift clusters and Kubernetes operators. will utilize the stage.

Course Summary

  • Using helm, manifests, templates, and Kustomize to deploy packaged applications.
  • Setting up user and application authorization and authentication.
  • Exposing applications with the appropriate network access and safeguarding network traffic with network policies.
  • Utilizing resource manifests for application deployment and management.
  • Enabling application project self-service for developers.
  • Taking care of Kubernetes operator and OpenShift cluster updates.

Course Content

Unit-1 Describe the Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform

Learn the components of Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform and how they interact.

Unit-2 Verify a Cluster
  • Verify a cluster is installed and healthy.
Unit-3 Configure Authentication
  • Configure authentication with an identity provider.
Unit-4 Control Access to OpenShift Resources
  • Define and apply role-based access controls and protect sensitive information with secrets.
Unit-5 Configure OpenShift Networking Components
  • Identify the components of OpenShift software-defined networking and configure some of the components.
Unit-6 Control Pod Scheduling

Control which nodes a pod runs on.

Unit-7 Scale an OpenShift Cluster
  • Control the size of an OpenShift cluster.
Unit-8 Perform Cluster Updates
  • Describe how to perform a cluster update.
Unit-9 Manage the Cluster with the Web Console

Manage the OpenShift cluster using the web console.

Unit-10 Comprehensive Review
  • Verify, manage, and troubleshoot an OpenShift cluster for enterprise use.

Why Learn DO280?

  • Provide you with the fundamental knowledge needed to manage an OpenShift cluster.
  • Add-on operators improve the functionality of the cluster.
  • Offers knowledge of managing permissions for multiple tenants.
  • Teaches how to set up applications’ privileged access configuration.
  • Develops the abilities needed to support robust containerized applications.
  • Increases knowledge of the architecture of Red Hat OpenShift.
  • Permits the portability of applications across various environments.
  • Guarantees the uniformity of operational procedures.

Audience for this course

System administrators, system architects, and developers who need to introduce and design the Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform are the target audience for this course.

  • Platform operators and system administrators who are enthusiastic about continuing to manage OpenShift clusters, apps, users, and add-ons.
  • Site Reliability Engineers with a passion for Kubernetes cluster troubleshooting and maintenance.
  • System and software architects who want to know how secure an OpenShift cluster is.

Prerequisite for this course

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