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The advent of digital technologies has resulted in an unparalleled revolution in our lifestyle, occupation, and communication patterns. Everywhere, businesses are experiencing disruptions. We generate data for almost everything we do, which makes data a valuable resource. Data security is becoming more and more important as the likelihood of our data being compromised rises. Any attacker can interfere with or obtain unauthorized access to a system if it is not secured. A security risk is often the result of an unintentional mistake made during the software’s development and implementation. For instance, faults in software, design flaws, and configuration mistakes. Typically, penetration testing assesses how well a system defends against internal and external threats to its users, networks, apps, and endpoints.

One kind of security testing called penetration testing is used to find security flaws in a system, network, or application. It also makes an effort to safeguard the security measures and guarantees that only authorized access is granted. To ensure that a system continues to work without interruption, penetration testing is a crucial step that must be carried out regularly.

One of the key competencies required of candidates for any IT security role, including network administrators and security specialists, is penetration testing. The extensive certification curriculum offered by Star Penetration Testing Experts (SPTE) will teach students everything they need to know about ethical hacking and penetration testing. It assists students in developing the skill set necessary to launch a lucrative penetration testing profession. The SPTE explains the many aspects of pen testing, which is mostly utilized to build network system defense mechanisms. The course covers the most recent methods that ethical hackers and security specialists use when conducting pen tests.


Course Objectives

In this course, you will learn about:

  • Penetration testing
  • Information gathering from different sources
  • Analysis and documentation based on information gathered
  • Hacking systems/web apps to prepare for their defence
  • Securing the system from future attacks
  • Metasploit exploitation
  • Firewall and IDS for securing network systems
  • Post exploitation procedures
  • Security design principles

Course Content

Table Of Contents
  1. Introduction to Penetration Testing (Pen Testing)
  2. Information Gathering
  3. Scanning the Systems to Know the Loop Holes
  4. Applying Enumeration Techniques on the Network Systems
  5. Performing the Threat and Vulnerabilities Assessment Using Metasploit
  6. Exploiting the Systems to Prepare for Defence
  7. Exploiting Web Apps
  8. Preventing Systems Using Strong Passwords Techniques
  9. Performing Pen Testing on Mobile Devices
  10. Advanced Exploitation Techniques
  11. Performing Analysis and Documentation

After completing this course, you will be able to:

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