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CCNP Training (Advance Networking Training)

In keeping with the current system security tasks, Cisco’s updated CCNP Training Program formulates a more “arrangements based” and less “gadget driven” approach.


CCNP Training (Advance Networking Training) Course

Experienced professionals have meticulously designed the CCNP Security Certification Training to meet the demands and objectives of the business. With CCNP Security, implementing dependable and secure apps is simple. You will be able to make informed decisions about which CCNP services to use according to your needs related to data, security, and computing after completing this program. Enrolling in Delhi’s CCNP Security Training program will increase your chances of passing the CCNP Security Certification Exam.

The CCNP Security Certification Training’s objective is to guide you through the study of fundamental architectural ideas. The workshops will help you take full use of CCNP services and ensure high availability, scalability, and dependability of your network infrastructure under the direction of experts in the industry. This course guarantees that the information is fully understood and complies with the requirements of the CCNP Security Certification Exam.


CCNP Training (Advance Networking Training) Course Objective

  • Different Security Models and Network Security Architecture
  • VPNs, firewalls, intrusion prevention systems, and identity services are examples of registration services.
  • Capacity Services: Security Policy Management, Advanced Threat Protection, and Secure Network Architecture
  • Database Services: Threat Intelligence, Database Encryption, Secure Access Controls, and Security Compliance
  • Identity management, access control, security policy enforcement, and key management are examples of security, identity, and compliance services.
  • Secure network segmentation, VPN tunnels, DNS security, direct connection, and web security are examples of networking and content delivery services.
  • Tools for managing: network automation, policy compliance, incident response, security monitoring, and security advisory services
  • Email security, web security, application layer security, messaging security, and queue management are examples of application security services.
  • Analysis: Incident Response, Threat Intelligence, and Security Analytics
  • Migration Services: Data Synchronization, Database Migration Planning, and Secure Data Transfer

Why Learn CCNP Training (Advance Networking Training)?

For what reason would it be advisable for you to go for our CCNP Training (Advance Networking Training)?

The first step towards becoming a respected network security expert is completing our CCNP Security Certification Training. This training program is carefully crafted to lead you toward recognized expertise whether you’re an aspiring security specialist, system administrator, or seasoned network professional. Selecting our CCNP Security Certification Training gives you access to a thorough curriculum that is in line with industry best practices and standards, guaranteeing that you will learn both practical skills and organized knowledge. This certification offers vital insights from industry specialists actively solving current difficulties, as well as openings to a variety of career pathways, such as Network Security Engineer, Security Consultant, or Security Administrator. Enroll in our CCNP Security Certification Training to advance your career and get the knowledge and skills required to succeed in the fast-paced industry of network security.

Who ought to go for this CCNP Security Certification Training?

Individuals who work in IT and want to become experts in networking ought to register for this CCNP Security Certification Training. For those who want to become certified experts and advance toward positions like Network Security Engineer, Security Consultant, or Security Administrator, this training program is suitable.

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