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AWS Cloud Solution Architect Associate

With AWS Certification Training, you’ll be able to easily deploy trusted and secure programs. With the help of this course, you will be able to select the best AWS service for your needs in computation, data, or security.


AWS Solution Architect Associate Training

Industry experts create the AWS Architect Certification Training based on the needs and desires of the industry. With AWS, you’ll be able to deploy reliable and secure apps with ease. You will be able to choose the right AWS service according to your needs for compute, data, or security with the aid of this course. You can ace the AWS Solutions Architect – Associate Exam by enrolling in Delhi’s AWS Training program.

AWS Architect Certification Training is intended to assist you with investigating Associate-level structural standards and administrations of AWS. The meetings will be directed by Industry experts who will prepare you to use AWS administrations to make the AWS framework versatile, dependable, and exceptionally accessible. This preparation is totally lined up with the AWS Certified Solutions Architect Exam(SAA-C02). During this AWS Architect Online preparing, you will investigate


AWS Solution Architect Associate Training Course Objective

AWS Architecture and Various Models of Cloud Computing

Register Services: AWS Lambda, Elastic Beanstalk, AWS EC2, Auto Scaling, and Load Balancing

Capacity Services: AWS EBS, AWS S3, AWS EFS, AWS Glacier, AWS Global Accelerator, AWS FSx, and Storage Gateway

Information base Services: RDS, DynamoDB, ElastiCache, Amazon RedShift, and Amazon QLDB

Security, Identity, and Compliance: Services: IAM, AWS Cognito, AWS Directory Service, AWS Single Sign-On, and KMS

Systems administration and Content Delivery Services: Amazon VPC, ENI, Route 53, Direct Connect, and CloudFront

The board Tools: AWS CloudTrail, AWS CloudWatch, AWS Config, CloudFormation, OpsWorks, and Trusty Advisor

Application Services: SES, SNS, SWF, Amazon MQ, Amazon Event Bridge, and SQS

Examination: Kinesis, AWS Lake Formation, and Athena

Movement administrations: Database Migration Service and DataSync

Course Content

Unit-1 Introduction to Cloud Computing and AWS
  • What are AWS Pre Requisites, and Strategy of Success?
  • AWS Certification Tracks.
  • What is Cloud Computing, Cloud Computing Models (IAAS, PAAS, and SAAS)?
  • Types of Clouds. (Private, Public, Hybrid)
  • Understanding AWS Global infrastructure. Regions, Availability Zones.
  • AWS Edge Locations, Edge Cache. How to select a best Region.
  • Sign-Up for AWS Services. A visit to AWS Control Panel.
  • AWS Services and Terminologies.
  • AWS Free Tier, Launch Your first EC2 instance. Windows OS
  • AWS Free Tier, Launch Your first EC2 instance. Linux OS.
  • About AWS Free Tier Resources after Sign up for 12-Months.
Unit-2 VPC (Virtual Private Cloud)
  • Discussion for how to build data center in AWS.
  • Virtual Private Cloud (Concept in-depth)
  • Virtual Private Cloud (Use Cases)
  • Nat-gateway and internet gateway.
  • Public subnet & private subnet.
  • Route table & manage the routing table.
  • Security Group Basics.
  • Default Security Group for Your VPC.
  • Security Group Rules.
  • Access Control List (ACL’s) in VPC.
  • Elastic Network Interface ENI.
  • Type of IP Addresses in AWS.
  • AWS Bastion Host.
  • Working with VPC Peering.
  • Open VPN Server and Client VPN Endpoints
  • Site to Site VPN- (Connect your VPC with on-Premise Network over VPN)
Unit-3 IAM (Identity and Access Management)
  • (IAM) Identity and Access Management.
  • IAM Policy.
  • IAM Role.
  • Cross Account Management.
  • MFA (Multi Factor Authentication).
Unit-4 EBS (Elastic Block Storage) and Ephemeral Storage
  • AWS Cloud Storage Services. Understanding EBS (Elastic Block Storage)
  • EBS Volume Types.
  • Elastic Block Storage (EBS) _ EBS Working with Windows OS.
  • Elastic Block Storage (EBS) _ EBS Working with Linux OS.
  • Ephemeral Storage, EBS Backed vs Instance Store Backed EC2 instance (Temporary Storage).
  • Understanding EC2 EBS Volume Backup, Snapshot.
  • Understanding EBS snapshots (incremental) working.
Unit-5 EFS (Elastic File System)
  • Understanding EFS (Elastic File System).
  • Elastic File System (EFS) configuration with Linux EC2 instance.
  • Restricting Client access
Unit-6 S3 (Simple Storage Service) and S3 Glacier
  • How to Create Bucket and Upload object.
  • How to mount bucket inside Windows Machine.
  • How to mount bucket inside Linux Machine.
  • S3 Versioning for Bucket.
  • How to host static website on S3 bucket.
  • S3 Transfer Acceleration.
  • Server Access logging.
  • S3 Bucket replication with in the region.
  • Storage Classes in S3.
  • S3 Requester Pays.
  • VPC Endpoint for S3 Bucket.
  • AWS Glacier Storage Service and Archive Data.
  • AWS S3 to Glacier Transition, Retrieve Data from Glacier to S3 and Glacier Vault.
Unit-7 EC2 (Elastic Compute Cloud)
  • EC2 instance Families and Types.
  • Calculating EC2 instance Pricing. Pricing Models. On Demand , Reserved, Spot instance.
  • EC2 Tenancy Models, Shared instance, Dedicated Instance, Dedicated Host.
  • Change EC2 instance Type. (Upgrade/Downgrade)- Resize EC2 EBS Backed Instance.
  • Creating Custom Image.
  • How to recover Private key file.
  • DLM (Data Lifecycle Manager).
  • Launching Instance by using Launch template.
Unit-8 ELB (Elastic Load Balancing)
  • Elastic Load Balancing.(ELB).
  • Configuring Elastic Load balancer.
  • Route Traffic to a particular Target Group Using Application ELB.
  • SSL Certificate use with ELB.
  • Connection Draining.
  • Sticky Sessions.
  • How to manage ELB Logs.
Unit-9 ASG (Auto Scaling Group)
  • Understand AWS Auto Scaling Group (ASG).
  • Benefits of Auto Scaling.
  • Auto Scaling Lifecycle.
  • Auto Scaling Limits.
  • Launch Configuration.
  • Auto Scaling Group.
  • Monitoring auto Scaling Instance and group.
  • Troubleshooting.
Unit-10 RDS (Relational Database Service)
  • Parameter Group.
  • Custom subnet Group.
  • How to launch Amazon MySQL RDS Instance.
  • Take snapshot of DB instance.
  • Read replicas of DB instance.
Unit-11 CloudWatch
  • Cloud Watch, How it Works, Alarms, Notification, EC2 Action. EC2 Status Check, Monitoring.
  • Custom Metric Monitoring, Memory/Disk Utilization. (Using Scripts).
  • Cloud Watch-Windows EC2 disk space utilization monitoring using Power shell script.
  • Cloud Watch Log Agent- Monitor Log Files.
Unit-12 AWS-CLI
  • Installing AWS CLI tool inside Linux/Windows machine by using AWS bundle installer.
  • AWS CLI tool in windows and Linux by using PIP method.
  • AWS CLI setup and practical.
Unit-13 Route53
  • How to create Private hosted zone.
  • How to register domain from Third party ISP.
  • Integrating ELB with route53 service.
  • Integrating S3 website with route53 service.
  • Failover Policy Lab.
  • Latency Policy Lab.
  • Weighted Policy Lab.
  • Geolocation Policy Lab.
  • Multivalue Answer Policy Lab.
Unit-14 SNS (Simple Notification Service)
  • How to create a SNS topic; publish a Message to topic and Subscription.
  • Use SNS topic to receive notification on mobile and publish a text message.
  • SNS Notifications When Auto Scaling Group Scales.
  • Setting Up an SNS Topic Using the AWS CLI
Unit-15 Migration (On-Premises to AWS Cloud)
  • On Premises DC migration to Cloud.
  • Planning for migration.
Unit-16 CloudFormation
  • Use cases of CloudFormation.
  • How to create, update and delete a stack.
  • How to understand syntax of YML and JSON templates.
  • Creating VPC, Volumes and Instances by using CloudFormation

Why Learn AWS Cloud Solution Architect Associate Training?

For what reason would it be advisable for you to go for our AWS Architect Certification Training?

AWS Cloud Solution Architect Associate is standing out in distributed computing. Regardless of whether you are a web designer, information base or framework administrator, Big information expert, or IoT engineer chances are you have utilized these administrations. This AWS Architect Certification Training will assist you with turning into an AWS Certified Solutions Architect. Besides, you can likewise seek after other vocations ways like AWS Solutions Architect, AWS Engineer, AWS DevOps Engineer, and Cloud Architect among others. To benefit from these chances, you need to organize AWS to prepare a refreshed educational plan according to current industry necessities and best practices. Aside from solid hypothetical comprehension, you have to chip away at different genuine ventures and work on various administrations for capacity, organization, information base, processing, and so forth. Also, you need the exhortation of a specialist who is presently working in the business and handling genuine difficulties.

Who ought to go for this AWS Cloud Solution Architect Associate Training?

This AWS Certification Training is intended for IT experts who need to seek a profession in Cloud Computing and become an AWS Certified Solutions Architect. Our AWS Architect Certification Training encourages you to get this chance and quicken your profession. It is most appropriate for

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