Veritas Cluster Server 6.1


Veritas Cluster Server Training in Delhi

Course Duration: 5 Days(40 Hours)

Fee: RS 15,000/-(Plus service tax)


Veritas Cluster Server training from KR helps IT professionals to effectively manage and maintain a server deployment. Veritas Cluster Server automates disaster recovery with predictable efficiency and results. Cluster Server offers an efficient solution for detection of risks and automates application recovery for its high availability.

Veritas Cluster Server Course Content

Module 1:VCS Building Blocks

  • VCS Terminology
  • Cluster Communication
  • VCS Architecture (RAID) technologies including:

Module 2:Preparing a Site for VCS Implementation

  • Hardware requirements and recommendations
  • Software requirements and recommendations
  • Preparing installation information
  • Preparing to upgrade

Module 3: Installing VCS

  • Using the Veritas Product Installer
  • VCS Configuration Files
  • Viewing the Default VCS Configuration
  • Other Installation Considerations

Module 4: VCS Operations

  • Common VCS tools and operations
  • Service group operations
  • Resource operations
  • Using the VCS Simulator

Module 5: VCS Configuration Methods

  • Starting and Stopping VCS
  • Overview of Configuration Methods
  • Online Configuration
  • Offline Configuration
  • Controlling Access to VCS

Module 6: Preparing Services for High Availability

  • Preparing applications for VCS
  • Performing one-time configuration tasks
  • Testing the application service
  • Stopping and migrating an application service
  • Collecting configuration information

Module 7: Online Configuration

  • Online Service Group Configuration
  • Adding Resources
  • Solving Common Configuration Errors
  • Testing the Service Group

Module 8: Offline Configuration

  • Offline configuration procedures
  • Solving offline configuration problems
  • Testing the service group

Module 9: Cluster Communications

  • VCS Communications Review
  • Cluster Membership
  • Cluster Interconnect Configuration
  • Joining the Cluster Membership
  • Changing the Interconnect Configuration Clustering NFS
  • Preparing NFS for high availability
  • Testing the NFS service
  • Configuring NFS resources
  • NFS lock failover
  • Alternative NFS configurations

Module 10: System and Communication Faults

  • Ensuring data integrity
  • Cluster interconnect failures

Module 11: I/O Fencing

  • Data protection requirements
  • I/O fencing concepts and components
  • I/O fencing operations
  • I/O fencing implementation
  • Configuring I/O fencing
  • Coordination point server

Module 12: Troubleshooting

  • Monitoring VCS
  • Troubleshooting Guide
  • Archiving VCS-Related Files