Company:- Reve soft
Technology:- System Admin

I am so thankful that I was able to enroll and complete my Red hat(Linux) renewal online with Network Cloud institute. I found the program to be easy to use and well informative. My coach was great in making sure I knew how well I was doing and that they noticed my progress. I also appreciated the quick responses to my emails regarding my questions or concerns. I felt that the courses were well organized and had great assessment questions and handouts. I also like being able to print out certificate of completion. I had a sense of pride that I sat down, read, answered questions and got a paper saying 'YOU DID IT!' I also liked that it told my how many days I had left to work on courses and how many I completed each day. I had a great experience at Network Cloud.

Gauri Shanker Rohit Parmer

Company:- HCL
Technology:- System Admin

Gauri Shanker Saurabh Kumar

Company:- HTC India
Technology:- Sr. Engineer

Gauri Shanker Yogesh

Company:- Wipro Infotech
Technology:- System Admin

Gauri Shanker Amit Sorot

Company:- HCL
Technology:- Specialist

Gauri Shanker Chetan Singh

Company:- Lumia Digital India
Technology:- Operations Engineer