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What is DJANGO ?
Django is a free and open source web application structure written in Python. A structure is just an assortment of modules that make improvement simpler. They are assembled, and enable you to make applications or sites from a current source, rather than without any preparation. It comes with inbuilt security and server.

Benefits of Python with Django

  • Python is easy.
  • Python is flexible.
  • Provides robust security
  • Designed as a batteries-included web framework

What we do for you

KR Network Cloud is the top Python with Django training institute in delhi We Provide you with.
  • Industry Familiarized realistic training
  • Legitimate books and notes on explicit technology as well as inauguration CDS are provided.
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Made by industry specialists, this far reaching Python Django instructional class will make you a specialist in different parts of Django including Django REST structure,and other Django models. Students will be shown the nuts and bolts of Python and furthermore its applied ideas including composing Python contents, working around records in Python, working with databases, making perspectives, layouts, and REST APIs in Django. Likewise, a few contextual analyses and hands-on ventures have been remembered for the preparation to guarantee that every student would have the option to contemplate and execute Python Django progressively. Even if you are looking Best data science training in delhi this is simply the right Place.

Django Training Syllabus By Network Cloud

1. Introduction to Django

  • What is Django?
  • Scope of Django
  • Architecture
  • Models/Views/Templates

2.Web Framework :

  • Software designed to develop web application
  • Eq: CakePHP, Spring, Django
  • Server Side: PHP/Java/Python/Ruby/….
  • Client Side: HTML/HTML5/CSS/JavaScript/Jquery/…

3. History:

  • 2003, Django Software Foundation
  • 20% market share in silicon valley, Second place after ruby
  • Developed with python
  • Statistical Hypothesis Test

4. Introduction to Web Framework :

  • What is a server, HTTP Request and HTTP Response?
  • What is a web framework and web application?
  • Challenges in developing web application.
  • Django overview and installation.

5. Starting a Django Powered Project

  • Django project architecture
  • Understanding manage.py, Understanding settings.py, Understanding __init__.py and wsgi.py, Understanding urls.py and Python regular expression.

6. Starting your First Web Application

  • Django project architecture
  • Understanding admin.py, Understanding models.py, Understanding views.py,
  • Running Django development server.

8.Developing Standard Web Template

  • Template tags
  • Filters in templates
  • Template API

9.Django Admin

  • Activating the Admin interface
  • Creating super user for Admin site
  • Using the Admin site
  • How to use the Admin site
  • The django.contrib package
  • The django.contrib package


  • The MVC Development Pattern
  • Defining Models using Python classes
  • Defining Model data fields
  • Initializing model using makemigrations
  • Running model initialization using migrate
  • Registering models in settings.py
  • Registering models with Admin site

11.Views and URLconfs

  • Understanding the view layer
  • Requesting a web page via URL
  • Rendering web page via view function
  • Render HTTPResponse to templates
  • Understanding context data and Python dictionary type


  • Form basics
  • GET and POST methods
  • Form validation
  • Rendering forms
  • ModelForm

13.Working with Static File

  • Creating static repository
  • Loading static files
  • Adding image file to template

14.Testing in Django

  • Testing DjangoProject/App
  • Writing a unit test

15. Deploying Web Application

  • Deploying Django application on GitHub
  • Deploying Django application on end host or Amazon Web Service


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Exam Code Python Machine Learning
Launch Date
Number of Question 30
Type of Question MULTIPLE CHOICE
Length of Test 120 Minutes
Passing Score 70%
Recommended Experience If you know any programming language like c,c++, java, ruby, etc its very easy to adapt to python
Language English
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